A.C. Whyte & Co. Ltd successfully delivering HEEPS and ECO funded External Wall Insulation work on behalf of North Lanarkshire Council 

A.C. Whyte & Co. Ltd have extensive experience on funded projects under the previous energy company obligations CESP and CERT and more recently ECO, HEEPS and Cashback funding.  

We can deliver funded projects in a number of ways and work closely with clients to establish exactly what they need, with a view to securing the perfect blend of funding. 

An example of this is how we work with North Lanarkshire Council to deliver their HEEPS projects. 

A.C. Whyte do the following:-

  • Scope fuel poor areas and identify potential projects 
  • Carry out in depth survey and measure project to prepare bill of quantities and ascertain costs
  • Secure ECO funding and exhaust all other funding streams available
  • Liaise with local Housing Associations 
  • Carry out co-branded marketing campaign to sign up private residents, including resident events
  • Complete Green Deal Assessments
  • Fully manage the ECO Process
  • Manage and deliver the full scope of external wall insulation works

"A.C. Whyte have proven to be a reliable, professional, highly efficient contractor who consistently deliver excellence. Their forward thinking attitude and desire to go the extra mile has resulted in excellent feedback from many delighted North Lanarkshire residents.”

John Apperson - North Lanarkshire Council 

A.C. Whyte & Co. Ltd have worked with North Lanarkshire Council on their capital works programme for many years, this long standing relationship made us the perfect partner to deliver their HEEPS projects. 

Together A.C. Whyte and North Lanarkshire Council identify fuel poor areas that could benefit from a HEEPS and ECO funded programme of external wall insulation.  A.C. Whyte also make contact with the relevant Housing Associations in each area to ensure their properties are included, this results in all parties collaborating to maximise funding and deliver a true area based approach. 

A.C. Whyte fully scoped each project and opened up negotiations with funders, successfully securing ECO funding at a competitive market rate, despite the volatile market.   

With HEEPS and ECO money secured, A.C. Whyte went on to fully manage and market each project and, now in the third phase of HEEPS, we have successfully installed external wall insulation to over 600 mixed tenure properties with another 100 due to be completed in the coming weeks.  

A.C. Whyte have consitently achieved an over all customer satisfaction rate of 98% across all HEEPS projects.   

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